Selling Your Jewellery With Style

Next time you’re at a craft show or jewellery exhibition, ask yourself a question: What sets one jewellery maker’s work apart from another’s and attracts attention? While we’d like to believe that our work can sell itself, the truth is that no matter how beautiful your jewellery is, potential customers are more likely to notice a well-designed display. Customers react better to an attractive and considered presentation. Packaging your jewellery products correctly can have a massive impact on your sales. It is worth the investment in better quality gift display packaging products to lend your jewellery that extra touch of class.

Standing out – Putting on a good show

Spend a little time thinking about how you’d like your stall to look. Some of these products might help you make up your mind.

Recycled Paper Twine Mannequins

Recycled paper string mannequins are usually available in three different sizes, are both hand crafted and eco friendly, but have an eye-pleasing texture perfect for showing off your designs.

Leatherette Display Bust

Quality leather-look display bust on a round stand are ideal for displaying all styles of necklets and chains and are usually available in black or white.

Delightful compact storage set

If you sell loose items, how about this attractive wooden box with magnetic fastening, containing 24 aluminium containers with clear lids?

Sealing the Deal – Why jewellery packaging counts

Jewellery makers on a budget will be tempted to cut corners on peripherals such as packaging – never underestimate this. Buyers are always more impressed and inclined to remember you if your packaging is as attractive as your jewellery.

Most jewellery is bought as a gift, so a gift box or pouch is likely to be appreciated by your customers.

Choosing the right box

Think texture; warm wood, sumptuous velour and luxurious leatherette boxes look amazing and may increase the perceived value of your products.

At the very least, invest in some elegant silver tissue sheets and complementing ribbon. Remember, for silver, you may be better using acid-free tissue to prevent tarnishing.

Stylish packaging can be relatively inexpensive – compare the impact of displaying and selling your rings in that to just dropping a purchase into a paper bag!

Pouches are a lovely alternative to jewellery boxes – there are many different styles on offer, including organza, in a choice of colours from just 2.20 GBP for six.


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