Concord Watches

Concord Watches offer stylish looks and beautiful details, which is one of the many reasons this company has grown to be a well known and loved choice. The company was started in Bienne, Switzerland. Over 100 years ago, two young watchmakers set out on a dream. Their dream was to create pieces that offered high quality and were stylish pieces. Over time, the business grew and developed its own unique design.

The history of this watch company dates back to 1908, but the company’s real fame came in the time right after World War I. Prior to this, the company was modestly sized, offering high quality pieces but it did not have the following that it did just a few years later. After World War I, the company’s watches became well respected and highly esteemed pieces. During this time, the watches seemed to attract a new audience. The watches have always been a wonderful marvel of technology in the way they have worked. At this time, though, they grew in popularity not only for their quality but also for their artful qualities.

Concord Watches especially after World War I offered a unique design that was quite attractive. Many were adorned with beautiful gems, including diamonds, gorgeous sapphires, rubies and brilliant emeralds. Since this time, the same effort that was used then is used now, in the selection of the jewels for these pieces.

In fact, every diamond that will adorn a Concord Watch is specifically selected for its ability to match the watch perfectly. The final appearance of the watch is the most important element and therefore diamonds must fit the goals of the appearance and design in order to be used on the watches. This element of Concord Watches can be seen in The Concord La Scala Grande. This particular model has some 292 brilliant cut diamonds placed on it. With its fine workmanship and its intricately selected diamonds, this particular piece has been hailed as one of the top diamond pieces of all time. It received an award for this, too.

There are several styles of watches offered by Concord today. Their current lines including a sports line, a fashionable line and a sport luxury line. The company also offers several unique collections, each with a different flare and sophistication about it. This includes The Bennington, The Mariner, Saratoga, Delirium, Soiree, Veneto, Scala, and Sportivo watches.

The Concord Watches are designed to be timeless pieces, with many of their collections offering a timeless elegance to them. Additionally, many of these watches are designed to house the latest technology and sophistication in watch design. Some offer highly new technology while others are designed to fit with and set trends within society. Concord continues to dazzle those who buy their watches and they have a large following. You will find these watches in high-end fashion boutiques around the world, always as some of the most precious watches available. The Concord Watches available today will likely continue to change to fit with the looks of tomorrow.


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