Night Vision Glasses

Statistically speaking, driving at night is much more dangerous than driving during the day. Only ten percent of road miles are driven in the dark yet forty-eight percent of road fatalities occur at night. Many night vision glasses are designed to correct dark-induced myopia and reduce glare and this will make night time driving safer. There is an array of night lasses from which to choose and prices vary as well. Some are shatter resistant and some offer an anti-reflective treatment. Car manufacturers now install so many different lights on their cars (headlights, auxiliary lights, fog lights are a few examples) that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to see at night. Factor in the high intensity discharge lights that produce a brighter than normal light and you have a slew of bright lights beaming into your eyes when you drive at night. More and more people are turning to night vision glasses to help overcome this problem. It is important not to purchase a pair of these glasses that is just tinted with yellow. Experts feel that although these night vision glasses can reduce glare, they can also reduce your night vision defeating the purpose of using them.

Many people have a harder time seeing at night especially senior citizens and also those with medical conditions that affect their eyes. It can be difficult to avert your eyes from the oncoming headlights but you will not have to worry about this problem when you wear night vision glasses.

Tag Heuer night glasses are being used by many race car drivers for nighttime races. The lenses on their glasses are coated on both sides with an anti-reflective treatment. They are tinted a pale yellow (not to be confused with the yellow glasses that have no treatment included) and help to overcome the short-sightedness that everyone experiences at night. These glasses work especially well when it is stormy and raining outside. The glasses can greatly reduce the probability of an accident. They are also light and flexible. The Maxx night vision glasses also offer a double sided anti-reflective coating and also a scratch resistant coating. They have a sporty frame that is a wrap around style and they are lightweight.

Most night glasses will also fit comfortably under a motorcycle helmet and this would only make sense since some of the brands were first made with race car drivers in mind. More and more eye care professionals are recommending the use of night vision glasses so do not forget to have your eyes checked regularly by an eye doctor. Before you drive at night with your night vision glasses it is good to take a few other precautions to better ensure your safety. Make certain that the lens on your glasses are clean and that your windshield is clean as well. We have probably all driven at night only to have smears on our windshield obstruct our vision. These smears tend to stand out even more at night. Night glasses can reduce the glare of nighttime driving which will result in you being safer when driving at night.


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