A Hot Fall Trend #1 – Leaf Jewelry!

If you’re the type of gal who likes to stay in with the trends, and ever-seasonal, you will absolutely love the large quantities of leaf jewelry that is popping up all over fashion scene. Everywhere you turn you will see hordes of gold and silver, copper and bronze leaf pendants, leaf earrings, leaf bracelets, and even leaf rings! What’s more, these beautiful pieces can, in actuality, be worn anytime of year!

There is so much leaf jewelry out there today, it is hard to know where to start. There is a hot little collection out right now called the Tiffany Inspired Nature Leaf Jewelry Set. Designed by the timeless and classic Tiffany & Co., but at half the price, you can purchase four pieces for a bargain price – $95 for the whole set! Each piece is made of .925 sterling silver with 18 karat gold plated sterling silver accents. Each leaf looks like a real leaf that just fell from the tree during an autumn breeze! Inspired by nature, each piece will naturally mold to you and your body for a completely organic look and feel! Perhaps the best quality about this jewelry set – which is also sold in individual pieces – is that it incorporates both gold and sterling silver, a huge trend right now. Ladies who love both their gold jewelry and sterling silver jewelry will be particularly drawn to this two-tone metal, because it can be mixed-and-matched with all your other jewelry!

And speaking of natural, another hot trend out there right now is jewelry made from real leaves, needles, and acorns! Creative designers are actually coating real birch leaves or maple leaves with sterling silver or gold! Now this is a new and exciting way to recycle!


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