Why are Diamonds So Valuable?

Diamonds have been revered since their discovery and because they are one of the most brilliant stones and hardest stones in the world, they have come to be recognized as a sign of eternal love and devotion. Moreover, diamonds continue to increase in value and remain beautiful, no matter how long an individual owns them. Thus, diamonds are indeed timeless stones, that are frequently used in pendants, engagement rings, tennis bracelets, earrings and the like.

Of course, the most popular diamond recognized is the white diamond, but there are other colored diamonds that are just as lovely. The color varieties one can find in a diamond include yellow, brown, light blue, coffee brown, orange brown, pink, green, and red. Although they look nothing like a traditional diamond, some of the colored diamonds are more expensive because they are more difficult to come by. So, if someone is looking for a completely unique gift and they have the finances to do so, they may want to consider purchasing a colored variant of the timeless diamond.

One of the most famous among all Diamonds in the world, of course, is the Hope Diamond, a 112 carat diamond which possesses a bluish or violet coloring. The Hope Diamond has a phenomenal history, first being owned by a French owner, then by King Louis XIV of France. Later the stone was refashioned into a 67 carat diamond. Later still, the diamond used in official ceremonies, was stolen and somehow reappeared in the hands of Henry Philip Hope. The Hope Diamond has had many famous owners, but is now currently housed at the Smithsonian Museum.

Diamonds can be bought at your local jewelry store or they can be bought on the net in a variety of cuts and settings. In terms of the type of cuts available, there is the round cut diamond, the oval cut diamond, the pear cut diamond, the Marquis, the Princess, and the Heart cut diamond, the Emerald Cut diamond, and the Trillon cut diamond. The round, oval, and heart cut diamonds clearly look like the names they are identified as. The pear cut diamond, looks more like a diamond on the face of a deck of playing cards; the Marquis Diamond looks like a diamond with rounded edges; the emerald cut looks like a rectangular gem with beveled edging; the Princess cut looks like a beveled square gem, and the Trillon cut looks much like a triangle with beveled edges.

The only way to really know what shape diamond will appeal to you is to have a look at the various cuts and choose for yourself. You can visit any website offering jewelry and browse through the different catalogues available. Once you get a good idea of what you want you can order a piece to size and have your order shipped directly too you. Or, if you prefer, you can visit a local jeweler, browse the counter displays and try on different pieces, whatever is to your liking.


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