Tag Heuer Indy 500 – An Exciting Review of the Tag Heuer Formula Indy 500

Are you looking for a Tag Heuer Indy 500? Well, I was fortunate enough to receive this beauty on my 31st birthday. I’ve spent years accumulating nice watches (although I refuse to buy a Rolex unless I hit the lottery) but never have I seen one as cool as this one. Something about it just screams TAG to me.

First Impressions: To be quite honest, I had no idea I was a TAG guy until I fell in love with the CAC111B.BA0850. I would describe it as the perfect combination of style and substance. It has the right amount of bling to make an impression without going over the line of good taste.

TAG Heuer Indy 500 Features: This beauty packs all the goodies you can expect from Tag Heuer. It features quartz movement, water resistance up to 200 m, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, stainless steel case, and a carefully arranged dial with luminescent hour-markers and hands. I love the attention to detail on the applied indexes and numerals.

TAG Style: My wife bought this for me because it’s classy yet rugged. Although it has that “wow” factor to it I would still call it a practical watch.

Reliability and Usage: The Tag Heuer Indy 500 has a very sturdy feel. I’ve been wearing mine everyday and have not encountered any problems. I’ve worn it rollerblading, hiking, swimming, and while mowing the lawn without a hitch. My one gripe (not a biggie) is that the battery lasts about 2 years and costs $100 to replace. Since you get a 2-year warranty this won’t be a concern for 4 years – but I guess $100 is a drop in the bucket when you consider how prestigious they really are. Owning a Tag has been one of the most rewarding actions of my life. I’ve had strangers approach me (some very attractive females) gasping as to how nice this watch is.

Before you pull the trigger on a Tag Heuer Indy 500, make sure you’re purchasing from an authorized dealer. There is nothing more disappointing than being ripped off.


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