How to Choose Gem Stones For Your Skin Tone

Do you sometimes wonder which gem stones would look best on you? We all have our favorites, but knowing which colors of gem stones will complement your personal skin tone will help you to choose the most flattering.

Skin tones can be divided into “seasons” depending upon their underlying color. I’ll briefly describe each season so you can get an idea of what colors would look best on you. Winter and Summer colors are cool, while Spring and Autumn are warm.

If you’re not sure which “season” is yours, here are a couple of tips:

First of all, look at your wardrobe. Do you have favorite colors that you wear often? Are there some items that just hang in the closet and you never get around to wearing them? That’s a clue as to which colors are most flattering to you. Another method is to hold pieces of fabric of different colors under your face or around your shoulders and see which looks the best. I’m a Summer, and if I put a peach color next to my face I look sickly. Lavender and blue, however, look great on me. My sister is just the opposite – she looks great in peach and aqua, but cool blue and rose do nothing for her.

“Winter” complexions have blue or pink undertones. Skin can be light or dark, olive or pale. Brunettes are usually Winters, with dark eyes. Many Asians, Latinos and African Americans are Winters.

Winters should wear colors that are strong and clear. Bright rubies, emeralds, lapiz and sapphires look striking on a Winter. Lighter gems should be bluish rather than pastels. Think blue topaz and of course, diamonds. Silver rather than gold complements the cool Winter skin tone.

“Summer”, the other cool skin tone, like Winter, has blue or pink undertones. Summers are often lighter complected than Winters, and may be blond or brunette with light eyes. Summers also look best in cool colors, but not the strong colors that flatter Winters. Summers look great in softer cool pastels – amethyst, lavender jade, blue topaz and star sapphire. Silver is the more flattering setting for Summers.

Golden undertones are typical of “Autumn”. Complexion may be creamy and tan. Many brunettes with golden brown eyes and many redheads are Autumns. Strong warm colors flatter the Autumn. Gold is the setting of choice for topaz, turquoise, orange fire opal and amber.

The lighter golden skin tone is the “Spring”. Springs can have creamy peachy complexions, light hair and blue or green eyes. Softer warm colored gems like light topaz, citrine, light turquoise, and aquamarine set in gold flatter the Spring.

So, what “season” are you? Gem stone jewelry that complements your skin tone is flattering and will enhance your personal style. Try different colors and see how you like the way you look. There are so many colors of gem stones that you’ll be able to select the ones that look best on you.


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