Tag Ladies Watch – Maria Sharapova Formula 1 Diamond – Affordable Style, Fame and True Beauty

Shimmering in any light contact, this is a Tag Ladies Watch made for glamour with a touch of class. As soon as you see this ladies watch, you can see Tag Heuer have focused on producing a watch that can live up to a former world tennis champions name that is Maria Sharapova.

At such a young age, Maria Sharapova, just 17 at the time won the biggest tennis tournament on the planet which is Wimbledon. An astonishing achievement for such a young up-rising star and later went on to win 8 more titles including the U.S. and Australian Open and becoming the number 1 ladies tennis champion in the world.

So it is no surprise to see Tag Heuer living up to it`s extremely high standards when asked to design another sports stars sponsored name, Maria Sharapova designer ladies watch. They have not disappointed when asked to come up with a design fit for a former world number 1 tennis star.

Many Tag Watches have been made before to emulate world sporting events and individual sporting stars, like Formula 1 racing in particular. Even movie stars and other famous names have been seen, to be proudly modelling the famous Tag Formula 1 Watch men`s and women`s designs.

This simplistic design is surrounded by many shimmering diamonds along the outer clock face, that just look stunning as each one is a small carefully cut diamond, which are sprinkled over this Tag Ladies Watch to give it a true look that any woman would desire to have.

These watches do not come with a cheap price tag. Hardly surprising as it has so much quality, starting with 120 diamonds elegantly sprinkled around the outer bezel, backed up by a polished, glittering stainless steel outer casing.

After quite a lot of research on various different stockists of this Maria Sharapova Tag Ladies F1 Watch, I have discovered that even something as charming and classy as this timepiece, now has had an original price tag cut. Some merchants have dropped up to 10% off retail price on this particular ladies design, but even better still, you could claim a whopping 22% which means you could save up to $470 on the original retail price today.

Much more than a looker also, as this watch is surprisingly tough also. Main body of this classic timepiece is made from stainless steel, backed up by a scratch proof clock face cover.

Nothing has been left to chance on this designer watch, built to withstand almost any collision, has a beautiful design, lady lightweight and comes with a black satin comfortable wrist band to suit any ladies needs.

The black clock-face and wrist strap really give it a stylish and professional look as it compliments the outer diamond encrusted dial, silver tone minute, second and hour hands.

Can be worn with peace of mind, around any water appliance in the home, as this Tag F1 watch has a capable water resistant depth of up to 660 feet which is pretty impressive for something with such beauty as this designer ladies watch.

Has a date feature between 4 and 5 hour markings on the clock face, Tag Heuer Formula 1 logo for that extra touch, a true all round satisfaction timepiece for any lady. Maybe it for casual, about town fashion induced woman or for a special occasion attire wear, Tag Heuer have not disappointed to live up to such a big name in the tennis ladies sporting world.


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