More Popular Semi-Precious Stones

Semi-precious stones are just basically another word to refer to gemstones. These stones or gems such as quartz and opal could be cut and then polished to create great-looking pieces of jewelry. Now, although a semi-precious stone could be just like any other gemstone, and could include even the most valuable emeralds and diamonds, the term is mostly used to refer to gemstones such as peridot, scapilite, or quartz topaz which tend to have a lower value but still have brilliant beauty and elegance. Here are some semi-precious stones which are more commonly found in the market today.

Amber is technically not a stone. It is actually an organic gem that has been derived from tree sap that has been fossilized. Amber comes in various colors ranging from honey yellow to almost chocolate-orange-brown.

Amethyst is another kind of semi-precious stone that is known for its tranquil purple tones. It is a quartz-based stone that is extremely durable and versatile. Amethysts are typically mined in Brazil, Russia, Bolivia, Germany, India, Canada, Australia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Namibia, the United States, Zambia and Uruguay. Fine amethysts could also be produced with the use of synthetic laboratory-based methods.

Peridot is a transparent and beautiful stone which comes in a wide range of hues and colors from yellowish green to deep chartreuse. This remarkable semi-precious stone has been originally believed to have the power of freeing the mind from any jealous thoughts and has been believed to be an aid to friendship.

Depending on the type, quality, size and color, a garnet could range from $30 a carat to more than $5000 per carat. Garnet stones come in all kinds of colors as well as shades, but basically are more famous in the deeper, blood red variety.


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