Designer Watches Are Part of the Designer Jewelry Wardrobe

Designer watches are a beautiful part of one’s jewelry collection. Both practical and functional, mens and womens designer watches make a superb gift for that special occasion, be it a graduation from high school or college, a wedding, an anniversary, an important business achievement, or just because you want a quality piece of designer diamond jewelry that you can wear and enjoy every day.

How Are Diamonds Used in Designer Watches?

Some of the more expensive designer watches are mechanical watches. These watches run on the power generated from a mainspring rather than electrical power. Jewels are sometimes used in expensive watches at the point of the balance wheel pivot. The balance wheel is what the watch uses to actually do the work of keeping time, and the function of this wheel is improved if there is low friction to the parts of the wheel train. Jewels such as diamonds have been used in these areas because they are very hard, and the slippery surface of the jewel helps to reduce friction. The reduced friction brought about through the use of jewels in designer watches also work as an aid to the long life of the bearings used in this part of the watch’s mechanism. In addition to diamonds, other jewels that have been used in watch mechanisms include garnet, quartz, sapphire, and ruby, with sapphires and rubies being the modern jewel of choice for this function within a watch.

A jewelry designer will customize a watch front in a variety of ways by decorating it with the addition of jewels, including sparkling diamonds. The bezel, the piece of metal that borders the clock face, is a usual place for adornment with jewels. Another is the face of the watch itself, when a jewel is placed where the hour markers typically go. Imagine a watch with clusters of tiny diamonds adding a luxurious glitter whenever you raise your hand with the beautiful watch in place. The crown is the part of womens designer watches that you turn to wind the mainspring, and the crown can also be gently pulled out, allowing you to accurately set the time on the watch. The crown can also be a place where a jewel can be positioned to glorious effect. You might choose another diamond for there, or go for a contrasting stone such as a sapphire.

Choose Your Favorite Watch Band Material

Designer watches and accompanying watch bands are made from many different kinds of luminous metals. You might select from yellow, white or rose gold. Luxurious leather is also featured as an option for quality designer jewelry watch bands. No matter which you choose, you are sure to love wearing designer diamond jewelry and appreciate the notice it brings to you each time you don it.


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