Vintage Diamond Jewelry – How Does This Differ From Modern Jewelry?

When one is shopping for diamond jewelry, they will come across many different styles and eras of jewelry. Vintage is one category of which many people are after these days. The look is unique and this is just one reason why it is such a highly coveted style. This type of jewelry varies in a few different ways from modern jewelry. The following will describe some of the differences between vintage diamond pieces and modern.  

The Age of the Jewelry Piece   One of the main differences between vintage and modern is the age of the item. Jewelry with the classification of vintage is usually 20 years old or more. With that said, there are various eras of vintage jewelry and one will be able to see the differences between each item depending on the era which it is from. On the other hand, modern diamond jewelry is a piece which was manufactured in the last few years.   

The Style of the Jewelry Item   Another difference which one will see between vintage pieces and modern is with the style of the piece. Vintage usually has an antique look and feel to it whereas most modern items are akin with today’s style of jewelry. Therefore, by looking at a piece you can often tell if it is vintage or modern in style.  

The Craftsmanship of the Jewelry   Also, when comparing vintage with modern, all one really needs to do in order to tell the difference is to take a look at the overall craftsmanship with each item. One who looks at the vintage piece will see that it has been put together using older varieties of clasps and connectors whereas the newer pieces may have a more modern craftsmanship technique to them.   

Where These Items Can Be Purchased   Another great way to tell the difference between vintage and modern style of jewelry is where these items can be purchased. For example, vintage jewelry is often purchased at antique stores or estate sales whereas modern items are usually found at retail stores or department store jewelry sections. By shopping at one type of store or another you will often narrow down the selections with regard to the era of the jewelry. This is just one other way to tell the difference between vintage and jewelry which is more modern.


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