Tissot Watches and the Current Economy

For the last 200 years Switzerland has repeatedly been on the wounding edge of luxury watch manufacturing, moreover few company do it better than Tissot. Since 1853, Tissot has steadily maintained their status as one the most pioneering and fashionable watch brands throughout the world. This internationally identifiable brand has without fail, delivered some of the unique scientific advancements in watch history.

Based in Switzerland and sold around the world, Tissot is a proud subsidiary of the Swatch Group, one of the largest and profitable watch producers in the world since 1983. As the leader in the traditional Swiss watch segment, its mission has been to offer to a broad public a range of high quality timepieces at prices almost anyone could afford. They have been maintaining a balance of high quality technology and affordability for quite some time now, and this combination equals one thing – value.

Having been in the market for the past 150 years, this high class Swiss watch offers its consumers first-rate value and pricing. Tissot watches definitely come with a reasonable price tag, especially compared to other Swiss watches on the market today. They are likely to retain their value for a good amount of time, too, since they are now a part of the well known Swatch watch company. The Swatch group LTD includes some of the well known discount brands of watches including Calvin Klein, and Longines. This and other brands from the Swatch group of watches accounts for 15% of the total sales of watches within the industry.

With the current real estate and economic situation in America and around world, Tissot timepieces have become increasingly popular for the value oriented luxury watch enthusiast. You can get a great Tissot watch for about half the price of other Swiss brands. The genuine style and affordable price makes Tissot watches the first choice for consumers who are looking for a luxury watches that will not leave their wallets empty.

The Tissot watch company received worldwide recognition and praise, thanks to some well-documented innovations and milestones. The innovations are plenty, such as the first anti-magnetic watch, the first plastic watch named Idea 2001, the first wristwatch made of stone and still one of the first wrist watches built using wood appropriately called The Wood watch. Tissot is committed to respecting tradition and offering “gold” at a “silver” price at the same time.


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