TAG Formula One – Keeping Pace With F1 For Over 50 Years

The TAG Formula One range of watches has an incredible reputation to live up to, both from the TAG Heuer name and from the exciting motorsport it is attributed to.

Due to its longstanding reputation for providing durable and precise watches to sportsmen and women, TAG Heuer has sponsored a multitude of high profile sporting events and athletes. In fact, it was the accuracy of the timepieces that saw many cars, boats and aircraft fitted with Heuer clocks and timers from the early Twentieth Century onwards.

One sport that is particularly associated with the TAG Heuer name is that of Formula 1 motor racing. In 1986, when TAG Heuer officially became a company, it was through the amalgamation of the famous Heuer Swiss watchmakers and TAG (Techniques d’Avant Garde), a manufacturer whose products included engine parts for F1 cars. In the past TAG Heuer has had a relationship with the outstanding Ferrari team, and more recently with McLaren Mercedes.

Although TAG Heuer no longer sponsors McLaren Mercedes, they have taken under their sponsorship wing one particular driver from the McLaren team. Lewis Hamilton was the youngest ever driver to secure a F1 contract and in only his first season finished second in the championship, having broken numerous rookie and UK driver records. With Hamilton performing so well, even in his second season, TAG have certainly picked a driver who will bring them international attention.

TAG Heuer have many superb watches within their range but the Formula One watch is considered one of the best. There are a number of different models within the TAG Formula One range but the most popular are the men’s chronograph and the Indy 500. Not to be outdone, there is also a women’s Formula One range including the fashionable and elegant Chronograph Diamond

The Heuer name has had strong links with F1 since 1950 and the TAG Formula One watch has been a favorite in the range since 1986. The watch is arguably the most fashionable watch TAG Heuer have in their current selection, and with so many famous sportsmen and women, including man-of-the-moment Lewis Hamilton, as devotees is no reason to doubt that this relationship with F1 will continue for many years to come.


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