Serpentine – A Powerful Semi-Precious Stone

Serpentine is known as a very powerful and healing semi-precious stone which primary color is green, but could have small patches or markings of black, yellow and white. It has a hardness of around 2 to 5.5 on the Moh’s scale.

It has been given its name because of its appearance, which resembles the skin of a snake. There are some highly valued marbles like Connemara which are actually are mixtures of marble and Serpentine. This stone could be found in China, New Zealand, South Africa, England, the USA and Italy.

It has numerous holistic benefits, just like the other semi-precious stones. It is known to aid the clearing out of any blocked areas as well as in bringing the charkas to be back in balance. It is also particularly beneficial in balancing the heart chakra. It has also been believed to have the power of promoting good luck as well as help people achieve their personal and business goals and other dreams and desires.

There are essentially various minerals which are used for the formation of Serpentine beads and these minerals are basically grouped together with the same name of “Serpentine”. Although the most common color of Serpentine is green, there are other colors that the semi-precious stone can come in such as mauve, brown, gray, olive green, golden yellow and even black. These stones can also be mined in two forms, translucent and opaque. They are considered to be a good alternative for jades in the jewelry-making industry. They are also used in carvings, cabochons as well as for creating and crafting pieces of jewelry as gemstone beads. After these stones are polished, the beads achieve an attractive touch, which can then be used for prayers and meditation.


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