Concord Watches

Concord Watches offer stylish looks and beautiful details, which is one of the many reasons this company has grown to be a well known and loved choice. The company was started in Bienne, Switzerland. Over 100 years ago, two young watchmakers set out on a dream. Their dream was to create pieces that offered high quality and were stylish pieces. Over time, the business grew and developed its own unique design.

The history of this watch company dates back to 1908, but the company’s real fame came in the time right after World War I. Prior to this, the company was modestly sized, offering high quality pieces but it did not have the following that it did just a few years later. After World War I, the company’s watches became well respected and highly esteemed pieces. During this time, the watches seemed to attract a new audience. The watches have always been a wonderful marvel of technology in the way they have worked. At this time, though, they grew in popularity not only for their quality but also for their artful qualities.

Concord Watches especially after World War I offered a unique design that was quite attractive. Many were adorned with beautiful gems, including diamonds, gorgeous sapphires, rubies and brilliant emeralds. Since this time, the same effort that was used then is used now, in the selection of the jewels for these pieces.

In fact, every diamond that will adorn a Concord Watch is specifically selected for its ability to match the watch perfectly. The final appearance of the watch is the most important element and therefore diamonds must fit the goals of the appearance and design in order to be used on the watches. This element of Concord Watches can be seen in The Concord La Scala Grande. This particular model has some 292 brilliant cut diamonds placed on it. With its fine workmanship and its intricately selected diamonds, this particular piece has been hailed as one of the top diamond pieces of all time. It received an award for this, too.

There are several styles of watches offered by Concord today. Their current lines including a sports line, a fashionable line and a sport luxury line. The company also offers several unique collections, each with a different flare and sophistication about it. This includes The Bennington, The Mariner, Saratoga, Delirium, Soiree, Veneto, Scala, and Sportivo watches.

The Concord Watches are designed to be timeless pieces, with many of their collections offering a timeless elegance to them. Additionally, many of these watches are designed to house the latest technology and sophistication in watch design. Some offer highly new technology while others are designed to fit with and set trends within society. Concord continues to dazzle those who buy their watches and they have a large following. You will find these watches in high-end fashion boutiques around the world, always as some of the most precious watches available. The Concord Watches available today will likely continue to change to fit with the looks of tomorrow.


Selling Your Jewellery With Style

Next time you’re at a craft show or jewellery exhibition, ask yourself a question: What sets one jewellery maker’s work apart from another’s and attracts attention? While we’d like to believe that our work can sell itself, the truth is that no matter how beautiful your jewellery is, potential customers are more likely to notice a well-designed display. Customers react better to an attractive and considered presentation. Packaging your jewellery products correctly can have a massive impact on your sales. It is worth the investment in better quality gift display packaging products to lend your jewellery that extra touch of class.

Standing out – Putting on a good show

Spend a little time thinking about how you’d like your stall to look. Some of these products might help you make up your mind.

Recycled Paper Twine Mannequins

Recycled paper string mannequins are usually available in three different sizes, are both hand crafted and eco friendly, but have an eye-pleasing texture perfect for showing off your designs.

Leatherette Display Bust

Quality leather-look display bust on a round stand are ideal for displaying all styles of necklets and chains and are usually available in black or white.

Delightful compact storage set

If you sell loose items, how about this attractive wooden box with magnetic fastening, containing 24 aluminium containers with clear lids?

Sealing the Deal – Why jewellery packaging counts

Jewellery makers on a budget will be tempted to cut corners on peripherals such as packaging – never underestimate this. Buyers are always more impressed and inclined to remember you if your packaging is as attractive as your jewellery.

Most jewellery is bought as a gift, so a gift box or pouch is likely to be appreciated by your customers.

Choosing the right box

Think texture; warm wood, sumptuous velour and luxurious leatherette boxes look amazing and may increase the perceived value of your products.

At the very least, invest in some elegant silver tissue sheets and complementing ribbon. Remember, for silver, you may be better using acid-free tissue to prevent tarnishing.

Stylish packaging can be relatively inexpensive – compare the impact of displaying and selling your rings in that to just dropping a purchase into a paper bag!

Pouches are a lovely alternative to jewellery boxes – there are many different styles on offer, including organza, in a choice of colours from just 2.20 GBP for six.

Review of Steve McQueen’s Alma Mater – "Boys Republic" Car Show

Arranged by the Porsche 356 Club of Southern California, American icon Steve McQueen, was the feature draw for a car show held at his Alma Mater, “Boys Republic” in Chino Hills Ca. Steve died nearly 28 years ago but is still giving back to society. His presence on the world stage left a legacy that continues to create new legions of fans. Steve is the only endorsee of Tag Heuer watches that is not alive and yet his Monaco watch is still among their best sellers. Starring in movies like ” Le Mans” (in the opinion of many pro drivers one of the best race movies ever made), Bullit (in the opinion of almost everyone who has seen it, one of the best chase scenes ever filmed) and the Great Escape (with the most famous motorcycle stunt ever filmed), Steve became an American Legend.

The crowd was treated to an eclectic and exciting variety of vehicles. There was no shortage of Porsche 356’s – both street and race. Porsches in general, and Mustangs including vintage versions of the Bullit GT350, the GT500, and the Shelby Cobras where the dominant marques. There were also two special Ford Mustangs there, which were used in the pilot of the `Knight Rider’ remake. Not lost among all this fabulous machinery and drawing their share of admirers were my Graphite Gray 1965 Pinanfarina Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce side by side with a 2005 Black Pinanfarina Ferrari Testerossa.

One of the shows major attractions was, Matt Stone and Chad McQueen doing a joint book signing for Matt’s book “McQueen’s Machines: The Cars and Bikes of a Hollywood Icon” . In addition, thousands of dollars were raised by having a raffle featuring donations from a2z Racer Gear that included a replica of the famous Team Gulf Jacket worn by McQueen in the movie Le Mans, a couple of McQueen Le Mans tribute hats and a laminated version of the famous “2 Finger Poster” and “McQueen Le Mans Movie Poster”.

This event was an first effort by the Porsche 356 Club to put on a Concours of this magnitude and, having attended many hundreds of these events, I can say it was professionally executed and I hope the basis for additional gatherings.

Famous Gold Producing Countries

Gold is a chemical element, and in chemical terminology its meaning is “shining dawn”. It is a precious metal, used mostly for jewellery. Gold is of bright yellow or metallic yellow colour and is considered to be a symbol of wealth to some extent. Gold is used not only for jewellery making, but it is also used in the field of dentistry, photography, colouring and electronics and is currently used for cancer treatments as well. Gold has silver traces and sometimes may have copper and iron traces when it is discovered in its natural form. A small gold piece is of usually 70% to 95% gold and the remaining part is silver. Gold is among the heaviest minerals. The purity of gold is measured in Karat. The karat is a measurement on which the gold is determined to other metals on a scale of 1 to 24, in which 24 karats means the purest gold.

According to a geological survey, there are 72 countries that are producing gold. China is the leading gold producing country in the world. After that, South Africa, and then comes Australia and then United States, Peru, and then is Russia, Canada and a big list of almost 72 countries that are famous for gold producing.

Basically, China and South Africa are the top two leading gold producers but the collectors can rarely see a gold specimen from these countries due to restricted nature in their mining operations.

Australia is another large gold producer in the world. In Australia, gold is mostly found in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Victoria. The Pacific Island of Fiji is well-known for gold production in Emperor Mine.

In Europe gold producing countries are Rosia Montana, Transylvania, Roman, Sweden, Brusson, Val D-Aosta, Italy and England. Itaituba and Para are the two well-known places of South America, who are in the top list of gold producing countries. Brazil, the Bolivar province and Venezuela are also gold producing countries.

In Canada, gold producing states are Timmons Area, Ontario, the Red Lake Gold District, the Dawson Mining District, Yukan Territory.

In the United States, the gold producing states are California, Alaska, Colorado and Nevada. In the United States, out of all the states, Nevada is the top gold producing state. Alaska has many deposits in the rivers, and the famous ones are Kenai Peninsula District, the Valdez Creek District, the Hatcher Pass District and the Peterville District. The state of Alaska has preserved many historical places deposits for public recreational mining.

The total gold production of China has steadily increased from 7.4% per annum to 66.9% since 1999. According to a survey in 2007, China became the top gold producing country by over taking South Africa, which was at the top position for over 100 years. According to a certain estimate in 2009 the total gold production by China is near 300 tonnes. China reserves the gold which is 78% of the total foreign reserves. United states hold 8,133 tonnes, which is 78.3% of its foreign reserves. China has increased its gold reserves rapidly, and by 2050, China will overtake the United States as the biggest economy in the world.

Know Some Interesting Facts About the Charm Bracelets

There are different types of bracelets available in the market. However, the charm bracelets stand apart from others in more than one ways. Well, the most distinctive feature of these bracelets is certainly the rich history associated with it. In fact, the trend of wearing the bracelets can be traced back to the Stone Age where people used to wear them.

However, the charm bracelets are known to mankind for than 75 thousand years. Since those days of antiquity, these bracelets are associated with love, mysticism, magic, and protection. In fact, recently, the experts have discovered a bracelet that dates back to 30 thousand years. It was used by people of the southwest region of the Germany. This is one of the proofs of how popular these charms were in the ancient times.

In those days, the figurines were made from the tusk of the mammoths. They were intricately curved and beautifully designed. Well, charm yet older than that are available in the regions of Africa where they were used for more than purpose. They used to adorn their weapons with beautiful little charms made from the shells. In their community, the charms were used to stand for the status symbol.

At the same time, the charms on the weapons served as a testimony to the history that the weapon has. It was a useful way to show the opponents how many times the weapon has been used successfully in the battles. Thus, the charms were used as a means to show the strength of the weapon as well as the valor of the warriors.

The trend of wearing charms continued in the Bronze Age as well. This was the time when men discovered different precious stones to create jewelries. In keeping with that, new charms were made with the help of the precious materials such as the quartz, lapis, rubies, diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. This trend persisted over the centuries. Even these days, the charms with precious materials are available at a large scale. However, there is no reason to believe that in between the charms don’t have any significant association with history.

In fact, in the Victorian Age, charms were made with the sterling silver, gold, and platinum. At that age, people would love to wear lockets that will contain the pictures of their families as well as the locks of their hairs. However, Queen Victoria was one of the greatest lovers of the charms and charms bracelets. She has a wide range of bracelets in her collection and used to wear it when she was separated from Prince Albert. However, after the World War II, the popularity of the charms reached a new height with the American soldiers using them as gift to send to their families from the battle field.

Skull Rings – For the Man That Lives Life Dangerously

Skull rings are not for the timid. They are for a man who is not afraid, a man who is bold enough to not only stare death in the eye. He wears the symbol of death on his finger.

The Weight of a Skull

Silver skull rings should weigh 15 grams at the minimum. At lighter weights, the ring will be insubstantial, undermined and be of inferior quality. The reasoning is very straight-forward. This is a thick, heavy masculine ring. In order to achieve that look, a large amount of solid metal must be used to achieve this bold look. Also, if a ring is too light, check to see if the retailer cut corners and “hollowed” the insides.

The maximum that these rings should weigh is 35 grams. If the ring exceeds 35 grams, the wearer is prone to stress on the finger and pain over a period of time. Additionally, the extra weight may come with a larger ring which could get in the way during normal activities.

Look for Quality

The first recommendation when buying a skull ring is to buy from a reputable seller. Find out about the return and exchange policy as well as restocking fees. Tarnishing and oxidation are concerns for some. However, a silver cleaning cloth restores shine and appearance of silver. Silver looks great on a man just as it does on women.


Why should you pick silver skull rings? The answer is because of the price. A 14k gold ring will cost anywhere from $800 to $2000. Silver is much less expensive. A silver ring is priced from $80 to $250. The price varies depending on the size, style, the current market price of silver and other factors. Price is a major determinant. On comparable products, why would you buy the overpriced product?

Men who wear Skull Rings

Men who wear skull rings are those who live a life that is on the edge. Rockstars fit that bill perfectly. There are many examples of rock musicians who love to express themselves through their choice of jewelry. They may wear old jeans and torn tee-shirts, but their rock-n-roll lifestyle is displayed with these rings. Two examples of such men follow.

Keith Richards is a founding member of The Rolling Stones and ranked 10th in Rolling Stone magazine’s “Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”. He is an artist who has defined rock and roll and remained prevalent in the music industry throughout his career. His distinctive guitar riff on “Satisfaction” is of iconic proportions. Richards wears a bold and stylish silver skull ring.

Another musician/singer who is very heavy metal is Metallica lead singer, James Hetfield. His skull ring symbolizes the rage and defiance that is a foundation of most Metallica’s songs. With songs such as “Enter Sandman”, “Fade to Black” and “Whiskey in the Jar”, this band knows about the dark side of life. Hetfield also wears a ring with a skull emblem.

Mechanical Or Quartz – Which Watch is Best For You?

If you are considering the purchase of a new watch for yourself, or as a gift, you will need to decide whether to choose one with a mechanical movement or the automatic alternative. In this short article the differences between each type of watch are summarised to help you make the best choice for your circumstances.

Mechanical Watches

A mechanical watch is named because the outer case contains a mechanical movement of the type that were first used in clocks for centuries before being adapted for watches.

When you wind a mechanical watch you are winding a main spring in the movement and it’s this that provides the energy to operate the other workings of the movement that keep the time. An escapement turns the rotational movement you created when winding the watch into the back and forth movement of a pendulum (as in a grandfather clock), or a balance wheel in a watch. It is this part of the watch that regulates the time. Gears connect the escapement to the hands of the watch in the display on the face of the watch.

There are two types of mechanical watch, automatic (sometimes called self-winding) and hand wound.

Automatic Watches

The natural movement of the arm and wrist of the watch wearer winds the main spring of an automatic watch. This movement causes a rotating weight called a rotor to move back and forth; it’s this movement that winds the spring. Automatic watches have the ability to build a reserve of power, normally around 36-hours worth, that keeps the watch working when it is not being worn, at night-time for instance. However, if this reserve power is allowed to run down the watch will need to be re-wound manually and re-set before being able to tell the time again. An increasing number of people, especially collectors who may have many watches, use an automatic watch winder to ensure the power reserve is maintained when the watch is not being worn. This allows them to choose the watch they wish to wear each day without the necessity of re-setting it.

Quartz Watches

Although quartz crystals have been in regular use for many years to give an accurate frequency for radio transmitters, receivers and computers, they only became a common source of energy for watches in the 1970’s. Quartz is silicon dioxide and has a quite miraculous quality that allows it to generate an electrical charge on its surface when compressed or bent.

A quartz watch needs a battery to power it and it’s the energy from this that makes the quartz crystal begin to ring or oscillate. The output of the oscillator is then converted to pulses suitable for the digital circuits in the watch. This in turn creates continuous one-second pulses that drive a tiny electric motor that is connected to standard gears to drive the hands. A quartz watch doesn’t need to be wound and works without intervention until the battery dies, which typically is two or three years after purchase or last replacement. Once the battery is replaced the watch returns to life.

Mechanical or quartz, which is best?

As you can read from the above, both types of watches have benefits, but for the watch aficionado there is only one winner. There is no disputing the fact that a quartz watch is more accurate than a mechanical watch, will require less servicing and generally be more reliable than its more ancient relative. It should be said, however, that a good quality mechanical watch that is well maintained and cared for can last for centuries so it is hardly unreliable!

However, for lovers of fine watches, the craftsmanship and inherent beauty of a mechanical movement watch will always win out against a quartz watch. The ancient art of watch making is embodied in the creation of mechanical complications and most of us can afford a couple of seconds a day slippage in our everyday lives.